Do removal men take apart furniture?

Yes, your carriers will assemble the furniture and disassemble certain items that need it. Some companies offer it as an additional service and others include it in their moving package. To find out where you are, you'll need to contact your chosen moving company. Yes, moving companies will disassemble and assemble your furniture.

The truth is that there are some elements, such as bed bases, that must first be disassembled to move them safely. If you're only moving locally or within 100 miles, moving companies charge their usual hourly rates. For long-distance moves of more than 100 miles, they will charge for the service by weight. Yes, most moving companies offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services.

These services are designed to make your move more comfortable and efficient, as they allow moving companies to maximize space inside moving trucks and to be able to move as many items as possible. However, it's important to note that there are some exceptions to this rule. If you want to disassemble and reassemble the furniture as part of the service, you must ensure that you have asked the moving company before the day of the move to include it as part of the move, this will avoid problems on the day of the move. It would be very useful to have the assembly instructions along with any specialized item to facilitate disassembly or assembly.

I suggest that you check if the moving company offers any guarantees regarding this service, such as in the case of certain types of furniture packaged in a flat package. This type of furniture is not usually reassembled and, therefore, moving companies do not usually offer any guarantees in this regard. Some furniture can be disassembled and moved in parts, while other furniture, such as sofas, may need a little more planning and preparation to be able to move it. Obviously, this requires careful planning and a vision for the future, but when it comes to helping you move out of your house, no problem is too big or too small for the We Move Homes team.

The short answer is yes: they disassemble the beds, well, most of them anyway. Moving companies have the machinery and tools to disassemble and reassemble all types of furniture. However, disassembling a bed or other furniture usually has an extra cost. Just be sure to check with the moving company of your choice.

Our staff and services are professional, courteous, local, based in the UK and specialized in this work. Our moving prices are affordable and cheap. They'll be happy to help you, whatever the job. You can save time and at the same time make the entire moving process easy, enjoyable and stress-free.

RSL offers a top-of-the-line 5-star furniture moving service based in the United Kingdom. With many years of experience in moving, our specialists can easily and quickly help you disassemble and assemble your furniture during the move. Our services are so much more than anything else you've seen before. To expedite the move, professional carriers can disassemble any furniture to prepare it for packing and loading, and assemble it once it is in the destination room.

Next, you'll discuss the options available to you, such as disassembling the doors or removing them from the hinges, and submit a detailed report of your situation to the head of the moving team.