How do you pack bulky items for moving?

Then wrap it up with a mobile blanket for added protection. Don't forget to secure the doors if you are moving bulky appliances or other types of furniture that have doors. When it comes to packing furniture or bulky items in general, regular cardboard boxes won't do much good. The legs, doors, or other pieces of furniture can be quite heavy.

If you place them in this type of box, they can easily fall apart. So, make sure you get some durable shipping boxes. When you contact the moving company for help, you can ask them if they can provide you with these boxes. Some plastic or wooden boxes are suitable for this type of packaging.

In addition, you must ensure that each box you use can support the weight of your bulky parts. When moving large objects, remove the fasteners or accessories from the large objects to make them easier to carry. Some furniture has removable legs or backs. Remove the cushions and pillows from the couch.

You can pack them in large boxes or garbage bags. If you use professional removers, they may package some upholstered furniture with retractable plastic. One of the best things you can do when it comes to relocating and packing bulky items is to disassemble everything you can. If you take apart large, bulky items, you'll get a couple of smaller items that you can pack much easier.

There are certain items, such as a mattress, that you can't take apart, and you really shouldn't move a mattress on your own. It's much easier to ask for help and possibly harm yourself.