How long does an office move take?

On average, it can take anywhere from a month to a year to move to your new office. Below is a list of factors that could lengthen or shorten your office moving experience. The tenant is also responsible for furnishing the facilities and installing everything from the wiring to the partitions. This usually takes between one and two months, depending on the size and requirements of the space.

Once the moving company arrives at the new destination office, it's time to unpack and prepare the new workspace. Depending on the size of the office and the number of staff, this process can take anywhere from one to four months. Agreeing contracts with landlords and designing new office space can consume most of the time during the office move. If your office moves to a big city, it can take more than a year to finalize contracts, design the office, and finally move.

We spoke to Holly, a tenant advisor and real estate expert, about the time it takes for companies of different sizes to move to a leased office. If you want to transport your furniture and office supplies from your old office to the new one, you need to find a transportation company to help you move. While small businesses can move sooner, large and medium-sized offices can wait for the next moving schedule. A commercial moving company with experience in corporate moving will be a company's greatest asset when it comes to facilitating a smooth office move.

In addition, we've created a handy checklist for office moves that you can download to make your move easy and satisfying. An average office move can take up to 12 months; however, most office moves managed by Chicago Office Movers usually take 5 to 9 months. So, all you have to do is move your equipment and your favorite mug to your new building and the office vendor will take care of the rest. We have successfully moved fragile computer systems, delicate electronic devices, antiques, scientific laboratory equipment, works of art, heavy office furniture, and cubicles.

An office move isn't something you can do overnight, it's a major project that requires months of planning. We have prepared a practical guide to advise you on how long it takes to move an office, depending on the size of your team and the type of office you are moving to.