How much do removal companies charge in the uk?

We have researched the prices of more than 10 moving companies in London to provide you with the average cost of moving your home. Find out everything you need to know about choosing a moving company with the definitive guide to moving companies. If you want to calculate your personalized guide price for moving in the south-east of England, you can get a fixed moving quote free of charge and without obligation. For these types of items, you can usually find a moving company that specializes in this area, and your budget may be a little more reasonable than that of a regular moving company.

In most cases, moving companies only charge to remove furniture from your old house and take it to your new home, so packing your furniture and belongings will be up to you. While not all moving companies offer insurance and you're expected to take out your own, sometimes you can find companies that offer it as part of your moving package. The table above shows that there are big differences in the prices you'll pay to hire a moving company depending on the size of your home, as well as the distance the moving company has to travel to the next property. Organizations such as the British Association of Moving Companies independently vet moving companies and verify that they meet minimum professional standards that reduce the risk of something going wrong on the day of the move.

Some homeowners insurance companies offer moving insurance and will cover moving your belongings. With smaller moving companies, you can expect to pay less compared to moving companies that are members of professional associations such as the British Moving Association, but remember that the levels of service you receive may vary. If you want to make sure you're getting a good price on your moving expenses, compare up to five local moving companies and choose the one that best suits your needs. Many moving companies will ask you to pay a deposit equal to part of the cost of the moves before you can book the date of the move.

The cost of moving can vary depending on whether you do it yourself, if you hire an employee with a van, or if you give instructions to a professional moving team. In some cases, moving companies will offer you greater moving insurance coverage based on a percentage of the value of the items being moved. The cost of hiring a moving company for a 3-bedroom house ranges from about 900 pounds sterling for an unfurnished house if you are going to pack your bags on your own and move up to 40 kilometers, or from about 1,200 pounds if you want the moving company to take care of the packing for you. Another factor that will influence the cost of moving is whether you hire a local or national moving company.